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  • Certified Food Allergy Safety training (Restaurants or anyone that "touches" food!)
    With a focus on food, food sensitivities, living with them, around them and serving those with allergies and food sensitivities safely.
    • ...Do you find yourself confused how to respond when someone asks "Is x gluten free?" Does it frustrate you because you feel like they should know what they can and can't eat? YOU are SO not alone!  Let's connect! I would SO love to talk to you and make your life SO much easier!!! :)
  • Health and food sensitivity consulting and coaching. Helping you discover your food sensitivities, go gluten free. (Or other dietary restriction).
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  • Health and lifestyle coaching (Flexible to your needs and goals. 30 minutes to multi session packages)
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  • Health education entreprenear. Let's get creative... how can I help you??